Monday, 30 September 2013

The Sydney Morning Herald

29th September 2013
Wares oh wares - by Andrea Black


Set aside an afternoon as it may take a while to explore the nooks and crannies of this London institution celebrating good design that is a 10-minute walk from Marylebone station.

Start at the top and head to the Rooftop Kitchen for a builder's mug of tea and a scone or digestive biscuit for sustenance.

At Alfie's you can bargain for furniture, art, jewellery, and fashion. Just as there's a huge range of wares, prices also vary, and while it's unlikely you'll be picking up a Gio Ponti furniture piece at Vincenzo Caffarella (though Ralph Lauren and Madonna have shopped and shipped from here), smaller items such as vintage frocks and fine linens from the 1920s, silverware, and jewellery are readily portable, though not always affordable. Some stalls are shut on certain days, but if you spy something you fancy in the window you can have the market management let you in.

Sure, Alfie's is for shopping but just browsing the fabulously curated stalls is just as fun. Head to the basement to check out a veritable museum of mid-century lighting, wall sculptures and vintage movie posters. And if you haven't had your antiques fill, there are a number of antiques stores surrounding the market on Church Street to satisfy your cravings."

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