Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Vancouver Sun

Nice mention of Alfies in an article in The Vancouver Sun on shopping in London

This is what they had to say about Alfies -

"Alfie's Market: This emporium of all things fabulous positively throbs with antiques, mid-century modern design and cutting-edge home inclusions that would render even the most design literate slack jawed. If you want to buy a tiny precious collectible, say a crystal ashtray, or something more substantial, like a Knoll sofa, then this massive mecca is undoubtedly the store for you. ."

You can read the full article here

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

O Globo Newspaper

Article in O Globo a national Brazilian newspaper written by Fernando Duarte.

Rough translation of the article below:

"Taking the route of Notting Hill is almost automatic for anyone who is in London and is interested in antiques. However, the task requires a lot of patience in terms of crowds and tourists wandering the place invariably interested in garments and second-hand clothes that share space with antique stalls on Portobello Road. This problem does not happen at Alfies. Despite being one of the largest antiques markets in the country and the largest the capital, it has an atmosphere of oasis, hidden within the streets of Marylebone.

With over 75 exhibitors, spread over four floors, Alfies does not stock the Portobello souvenirs that take up space. It is a destination for those who are really interested in items ranging from vintage clothing and rare furniture, through to jewellery, chimes and contemporary furnishings. And the fact it is still a well-kept secret means a visit is one without stress. It's just not recommended for the claustrophobic, because it is a maze with narrow booths and showrooms. It's the kind of place where you find a booth selling cards postcards from the Victorian era for a bargain, right next to someone offering 17th century French furniture for thousands of pounds.

“The weekend collectors join the professionals and nobody fights” says Mark Stephens who has a booth with an abundance of second hand clocks, including Swiss models. People who also seek the market are the customers who does not want to be seen by the general public: celebrities in search of discretion. Regulars according to Stephens and his colleagues, include the designer Stella McCartney and supermodel Kate Moss.

The market, which is 35 years old this year, also has a cafe on the roof terrace, and the menu has a surprising variety of dishes, from the typical English greasy breakfast to Sri Lankan fish cakes. “Since the last recession in 1988, the market has been adapting to new times and today is an ideal place to anyone looking for contemporary furniture” explains Jenna Garner, PR manager at Alfies.

A source tells of the restoration workshops at Alfies. In one of them is the Brazilian Emilia Porto, whose passion for post-war chairs and lighting has become one of the more sought after stands in the market. Her buyers range from people who want a closer look at a rare sofa-designed by Sigvard Bernadotte of Sweden, famous for design and the renunciation of a silver spoon - son King Gustav VI, he lost his titles in 1934 when he married a commoner. “ The sofa is valued at least U.S. $ 25 000, because I know of only one another in London. There are people who come here just look at it closely” accounts the Rio native, who has been in Alfies for seven years.

Their chairs are also great pieces for hire for photographic and film productions. “This one is mine, but she managed to break the arm” claims Emilia jokingly, pointing at photo of Kylie Minogue on the cover of "Cosmopolitan" in which the Australian singer shareds space with a pink restored chair. Thirteen Interiors, Emilia’s stand in Alfies, is also a point of interest to those looking for lighting fixtures and vases. The Rio native is in love with Murano glass. “Although I end up helping everyone here. There is always a neighbour who needs someone to look after their stand or visit the cafe. Because we are in a quieter environment than Notting Hill we work as a small community. A dealer always knows if something might interest others.” Alfies is on Church Street, in Marylebone."

BBC Homes & Antiques

August 2011
The Vintage Issue

50 Best Vintage Shops

Alfies has been voted one of the 50 best vintage shops in the country. Coming in at number 2 the description reads:

"'The world's your vintage oyster in Alfies - a buzzing antiques market wiht a rather nice roof cafe on top.' says Katherine. Over 100 dealers sell everything from mid-century furniture to Jessie Tait ceramic. Look out for the Girl Can'ts Help It and Ian Broughton who lives and breather the Fifties."

Fabulous Fifties

Above: Midwinter 'Harmony' Trio Teacup from Geoffrey Robinson
at Alfies Antique Market. £25

Below & Above: Midwinter 'Maguerite' Coffee Pot from Geoffrey Robinson
at Alfies Antique Market. £70.

Bags of Fun by Madeleine Marsh

Superb article on vintage handbags from the 1950s. The Girl Can't Help It and Deborah Woolf Vintage are both named as places to buy. Find their shops at Alfies.

H&A Project

Above: Vintage 'P72' Armchair, designed by Osvaldo Borsani for Techno, Italy, 1955, £3800, from Francesca Martire. Midwinter 'Harmony' Trio Teacup,£25 and Large Midwinter Coffee Pot, £120, from Geoffrey Robinson. 1950s Robert Opie scrapbook (just seen) from Tin Tin Collectables. All at Alfies Antique Market.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Kate Moss in Alfies

Last week, just a couple of days before her country wedding, Kate Moss popped into Alfies followed by a string of photographers. We wonder if she bought anything for the wedding?