Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Time Out London

Shopping and Style - Highly Decorated

Edited by Maggie Davis

"At Alfies Antique Market, you might just find the real thing at William Campbell Fine Frames and Framing. 'To put it crudely, I suppose you could say that baroque is bling,' says Campbell. 'It's opulent, theatrical, camp and big. It's full volume.' In terms of picture frames, baroque means deep, intricate carving with heavy gilding. The best examples are worth thousands but it's possible to find good twentieth-century copies for a few hundred. 'They can look really great framing contemporary art,' says Campbell. Elsewhere in Alfies are grandiose Murano glass chandeliers at Francesca Martire and Vincenzo Caffarella. Louise Verber, Manley Black, Bernard Barkoff and Travers Antiques get the occasional baroque, from beautifully turned console tables to elaborate clocks." Time Out London, 2-8 April 2009